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my dashboard says I got 2 new notes…. but when I go on the note site, the only thing I see is an ooooooooo~ld one from a half year back :|

the note site still says 1 new note… Are you kidding?? I see nothing but the blue tumblr background and the sidebar telling me one 1 … @__@ what the actual fu**??



"Those poor boys"


"She deserves to be punished too."


"I’m not saying I support rape, but-"


"Sorry to say - she deserved it."


"She put herself in harm’s way"


"But if she was fingered, then that’s not rape."


"She ruined their lives."


"Well she didn’t exactly say ‘no’.."


"Yea, but did you see what she was wearing?"


"Boys will be boys!"


"She should know better than to drink at a party…"


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"you dont look gay though"
SHIT did I forget my rainbow at home AGAIN

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true as fuck zodiac
  • aries: lovable but still a lil bitch
  • taurus: p cute but probably sacrifices hamsters to satan in their free time
  • gemini: crayola as fuck
  • cancer: rude as hell and not to be trusted with shit
  • leo: cutest ever
  • virgo: really deep and doesn't take any shit
  • libra: weird as hell omg
  • scorpio: probably satan
  • sagittarius: cute and very sweet
  • capricorn: to be avoided bc they're like taurus but they probs talk about their hamster sacrifices
  • aquarius: charming but hella strange once you know them
  • pisces: even more crayola than gemini


A feminist group based in Guangzhou, China staged an online protest against the sexual exploitation of women in the workplace, revealing a photograph with a message boldly written in red on a whiteboard behind them: “My vagina does not come free with my labor.” More words were written on the women’s thighs, reiterating: “Not freebies.” 
The campaign was in response to a recent fatal rape case involving a 20-year-old woman at a state-owned company who was asked by her boss to a dinner. She was sexually assaulted by her boss’s friend and died as a result of her injuries.“Don’t ask your staff to provide part-time escort services. Women should only be asked to provide knowledge or technical skills in the workplace, but not other things,” says Ye Haiyan, an advocate of women’s and children’s rights.
Read more via The New York Times.

By  Ibai Acevedo on flickr

Fiji - Melanesia - (von Paul D’Ambra - Australia)