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Tigger Lake. Fall starts earlier in Alaska. #ScoutForth folks. Photo by @briiisus

A lamp post in a Narnia nursery ahhh love this. via

things every highschooler should know


  • slut shaming doesnt make you cool
  • literally no one cares if you smoke weed every day
  • literally no one
  • do not be afraid to make eye contact with people in the hallway
  • thank the people who serve you lunch
  • say hello to the janitors
  • appreciate your parents
  • establish good friendships with teachers who care the most
  • it wont make you a teacher’s pet so stfu
  • stop spending so much time on the computer if you want better grades and more sleep

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Popping someone’s bubble of ignorance and forcing them to deal with reality.

That’s actually a really literal description of this gif